Book announcement - Puppet 4 Essentials Second Edition

A short introduction to my second book project, Puppet 4 Essentials - Second Edition, available from Packt Publishing.

Update: Read this amazing review that the illustrious John Arundel kindly wrote for me.

The next generation

Puppet 4 Essentials Cover

This book is very similar to Puppet Essentials (its first edition) but worth your while for the following reasons:

  • added way more diagrams for easier comprehension
  • improved lots of little details
  • no seriously, there’s like 500% more diagrams :-)
  • updated instructions to work with Puppet 4 and most importantly
  • dropped the final chapter in favor of a new one that deals with Puppet 4 exlusively

For Puppet 4 coverage and general awesomeness, I cooperated with Example42’s Martin Alfke himself, making this his book debut!

No collection of Puppet Essentials titles is complete without this work ;o)

Now what

Well, you know the drill. Order your copy, knock yourself out. If you do, let me know what you think!

And hey - thanks!