Felix' blog

A blog about open source contributing

This is the place where I document my efforts and insights from FOSS development and contribution. This serves two purposes.

  • It adds information to the internet. Always a good thing.
  • It helps me remembering the stuff I did and learned - yes I can be forgetful.

Currently hacking away at Puppet exclusively. Join us. It’s tons of fun, always lots of open tickets to whet your coding claws on, and some really great practices and people to interact with.

Who is that cat?

Felix has coded passionately since a young age. He’s consequently gained an academic background in computer science, but has somehow gotten stuck in this operations career for the last ten years. Puppet has served marvelously to bridge the gap to some dev work. He also sometimes uses the third person to refer to himself for some reason.



That’s it really - I don’t believe in all those networking trends.

Other stuff